There is nothing more beautiful than Solid Shutters and being made from quality hardwood ensures that their good looks will last for a very long time. Here at Creative Blinds & Shutters we only use wood taken from sustainable forests and of a type that is hard wearing.

This style of shutter has a timeless quality and looks superb in any age of property, but is exceptionally special in Victorian, Georgian and country cottages where the character demands something traditional. Use them in any room, but as they provide the maximum in light and privacy control, they are perfect for bedrooms and anywhere that is overlooked by passerby or neighbouring properties.

Sometimes known as Shaker Shutters, they come in different styles, all made-to-measure giving that perfect, quality fit and all are manufactured to the traditional designs of quintessential Solid Shutters. These styles include the Solid Base and Shaker and will certainly make a wonderful statement in your rooms regardless of decor. There are additional benefits apart from light and privacy control, as they also provide excellent insulation keeping the heat in and the cold out and exterior noise levels will be greatly reduced.

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