The best way to keep your conservatory cool InShade delivers bespoke solutions that suit your needs and the way you want to use your conservatory, orangery or other sunny indoor space.  We offer not only shading but beautiful light and shade. Main features (it does the job and does it well)

  1. InShade sail blinds control heat and glare

InShade sail blinds use a fabric designed in-house by our engineers to control heat and glare effectively. The ISX fabric reflects away more heat than traditional pleated blinds but lets in twice as much light. InShade sail blinds work with all roof types, controlling heat and glare while keeping your space open and bathed in diffuse, natural light. Additional technical text for optional read more section Designed by our engineers and developed specifically for sunlit spaces by a UK high-tech textiles mill, our high performance ISX fabric yields amazing results. The fabric reflects more than 70% of the sun’s heat and fully eliminates glare. This makes your space significantly cooler. Its special construction diffuses sunlight to keep spaces feeling bright and open. InShade sail blinds have an average light transmission of nearly 20%, more than double that of a traditional, pleated roof blind. Effectiveness means efficiency. The performance of our ISX fabric is so good that you may only need to shade the south facing side of your conservatory. Speak to one of our experts to find out the best solution for you.

2. InShade designs provide the best possible solution

The cost will depend on the size of your space, the technical requirements of the solution and the way you want it to look. Our simple process takes all of these factors into account so that you get an accurate idea of the price – from the start and solutions are available to suit most budgets. Our process also ensures your solution is tailored to your space: the way you want to use it and the way you want to it to look. Whether you want something unique and sophisticated or simple, smart, and practical, our transparent pricing and convenient process puts you in control. During a home visit we will discuss how you would like to use the space and the problems you are having with it. You will be asked a simple set of questions about the way you want to utilise the living space, and your answers help us to build a picture of the type of technical solutions that will deliver your requirements. We can show you design options and fabric colours and collect the information required for our designers to develop an initial solution and cost (typically 48-72hrs). We develop the right technical solution for you. Our designers are experts at understanding how to tackle heat and glare issues within glazed spaces. With this information they can quickly understand the type and degree of coverage you will need in order to create the space you want. You control the way it looks. Once you have agreed a budget based on the technical solution, we can arrange a free online design consultation with our designer. This free consultation is optional but often very useful. At a time and place that suits you, you simply log in to the InShade system from your computer and – with the help and advice of our designer – you can review and modify the technical solution. Any changes you suggest appear immediately and you can view the results from any angle. In this way, you can understand exactly how the solution will look in your home. With each modification, the pricing is updated (up or down) right on the screen, so there are never any surprises and you can always make the right decision for you.

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